Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspiration For My Posts

Things I want to accomplish:

#1 Lose Weight - I want to look and feel better, plus I want more children and I would like to be in a healthy place before I get pregnant again.

#2 Be More Organized - Change my opinions on housework and simplify my life.

#3 Be a Better Mom and Wife - I want to find ways to stop yelling, getting angry, nagging and more. I want to strive to be a woman my family is proud of.

#4 Become a Happier Person - I have noticed that my view on life gets more and more depressing. I need to find ways to change that and influence the way I think for the better.

#5 Develop My Talents - I want to further my love of crafting and actually finish my projects.

#6 Stay Motivated and Endure to the End - I want to learn how to finish things. It was also the one thing my husband thought I should work on. : )

#7 Grow Closer to My Heavenly Father and Savior - I know that without this, I can not accomplish anything else. I also know that I have left my Heavenly Father and Savior out of my life many times and was slow to remember them.

A Brand New Me!

I have been thinking a lot about things I could do to make myself better. When I'm happy, I am able to help my family out more. So, I have decided to try and sell clip art and do parties, since I LOVE a good party. I am thankful for this opportunity. I know I am a terrible blogger. I am no where near as talented a blogger as my friend Lara at Overstuffed! I will post pictures and talk of other things, but this will be my creative outlet of sorts. Enjoy!!