Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold!!!!

We had Pinewood Derby and our Blue and Gold in the last two months....and here's how it turned out!

Karate Kid's car....the Lego Car!

Little Miss did a car too.... and won 3rd place in the sibling race!!! Awesome!

 Karate Kid finally got his Bear too. : )
Sadly, this is the only pic we have. of Karate Kid getting his award....ME!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I know I stink at Blogging...tell me something I DON'T know.

So I guess it's no big secret that I stink at blogging....and I guess there is something to be said about me trying over and over....and over and over... again. So..I get to go through and bring everyone up to a few posts... you know, so I can drag it all out.

In early February, we had Winter Carnival! That's where the local college students and groups do snow statues!!! Here's a look at the ones we saw. The theme was "Heroes and Villains find their powers, in these frozen winter hours." 

 This was the first place fraternity - they did the Incredibles!
This is Jack Jack

 Second place did the Fantastic Four with the Silver Surfer - he's on the roof!

 Third place was my favorite. It was Transformers! I thought they should have won.

 A few other ones....AT-AT Walker - honey's favorite.

 Plus ninja turtles! You could tell girls made The little wax turtle.

 And.... Minions! BANANA!

 All in all, it's been an interesting winter..... see some lovely pictures!
Honey Snowblowing!

  We finally had to rearrange the coats and put hooks on the wall in the kitchen because our stuff wasn't thawing and drying off in the mudroom. Looks much better and it makes the kitchen look bigger too!