Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ninja needs a Dojo!

I know I probably messed up my title. I know there's a Dojo in Karate, but I don't know if ninja's have Dojos. Oh well. ANYWAYS! I wanted to share the cake I made for Little Miss' party.

Now, I feel bad because I did not put the effort I made into the other cakes I made - into my daughter's cake. My honey reminded me that I was doing the WHOLE party this time, so not to worry about it. It's true, but I wish I had done more. Oh well. 
I found the dojo printable off of HP's Creative Studio
 Then I made this little ninja girl. It's a girl because she has a pink belt. lol It's ok, and Little miss liked it, so that's all that matters.
My big girl is 5!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ninja I-Spy Bags!

For Little Miss' Birthday, I made I-Spy Ninja bags that I got the idea for from this gal. I thought I could SORT OF re-create it. So, I did.
First, I drew out my pattern and decided what I wanted the "window" part to look like. I did a poor excuse for ninja stars. lol
Then, I ransacked my bead box and my button box and came up with several things to use as my items. I made cards, laminated them and then they were ready!!
I spy with my ninja eye!
 I used a bunch of beads I had as my filler. It worked out great!!!
Their eyes are embroidered.
 I made one for each girl.

 Little Miss and I wrapped them all up with a treat and a pretty fan we found at the dollar store.
They were a hit!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Candy Apple Red!

 So, here it is!!! The MUDROOM! (Background jazz band swingin')
It's sexy. It's BOLD. It took FOUR COATS!

What was I thinking!? Painting black really messed me up. It was soooooo easy. Covered almost completely in just the first coat and then to red. Bright red. Four coats. Ugh. Honey was NOT happy by the end. Actually, I painted the last coat since he was DONE. I also plan on doing the front entryway too! Why you ask? Here's some tips and reasons for wanting a red room from RealSimple and Apartment Therapy. They seem to fit! lol

After!!! AMAZING! lol

After! With a RED baby too!
What do you think!? I can't wait to show you the curtains!!!