Monday, January 30, 2012

To Infinity, and Beyond!

So we FINALLY finished the rooms!!! YEAH (Hallelujah chorus blasting in the background)!!!!

 So, now it's time for show and tell...

 Chickie and Little Miss' room turned out AWESOME! We ended up putting on 4 COATS! But, we also realized that we were skimping on the paint so that's why it took all four coats. Needless to say we used half a gallon doing the last coat. lol

 Today we will finish the flowers complete with birds (by request), bees and butterflies. I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

 Karate kid's room only took three coats, which pleased me greatly!!!!

 Since he has his moon and stars given by G-ma and G-pa B, we decided to add a little something to spice up his walls. lol Meet our astronaut.
Karate Kid is over the moon! lol hahahaha

 Today, we're putting up stars!! Lots and LOTS of glow in the dark stars. 725 of them to be exact. I know. AGH!

 Apparently there as been talk among our friends that no one believes I'm going to paint our room black. Yes, black. Well, stay tooned....I'll be doing it soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Six Questions!

A friend of mine, Lara at Overstuffed (it's a great blog), tagged me and challenged me to answer these six questions. So, since I've been struggling to finish the two rooms (I'm on the fourth and third coat!!!!!) I think I'll answer them.

1.  How do you cope with the yucky season where you live?
           Well, I don't think I I have problems with depression as well. I get a lot of blessings from my husband. LOTS. Yesterday was particularly terrible. I sat on the computer ALL day playing games and didn't accomplish anything. If the kids made noise or screamed, I lost it. It was awful. I even semi-cussed out my husband when it really wasn't that big of a deal, poor guy. And then in the blessing, he reminded me that music makes me happy. So, I sat down and played "The Hustle", yes, I really did.....and my children danced around the room. I did feel a little better.

But normally, it's: get depressed then spend the rest of the next three months struggling to get out and stay out. It's not usually until May that I feel like myself again.
2.  Tell me something you like about me or my blog?  (I need a little self esteem boost lately)
      I love looking into your life. I think that sounds terrible, but I feel better when I don't feel like I'm the only one struggling with kids, or honeys, or anything! Not to say you struggle all the time, but you portray a very real view of life; the good that comes with the bad too.
3.  Name a movie you can quote several lines from.
     Unfortunately, this would have to go to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I know (hangs head). My husband is training me to remember and automatically know what movies he's quoting. We work on:
                  Dodgeball, Ace Ventura movies (make that all Jim Carrey movies), Tommy Boy and more.

     Oh goody.
4.  Least thing you like about mothering.
         Repeating myself a MILLION times before I'm listened to.
5.  Favorite thing about being a wife 
       Well....I agreed with Lara about having my best friend around all of the time, and my Honey does make me laugh, but one of my favorite things is inappropriate to mention. ; P
6.  If you could've majored in anything in college, without thought to what you'd do with it afterwards, what would it have been?
       I really wanted to get my degree in Music Education to teach band in High School. lol I know. But, I had kids instead. They make just as much noise...but I guess they are less in tune. : P

 I don't really know anyone to pass this on to, so I guess I lose? lol

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Layer of Pink!

After slaving and working SOOO hard, we still need another coat on Chickie and Little Miss' walls. I think it's a red thing. A friend of mine just painted her front room RED (I know, awesome) and she had to do three coats as well. Hmmm. I actually had to take these pictures with the light OFF and my flash on. lol

 Also, after speaking with my mom - who, by the way, gives me almost ALL of my great ideas - she suggested I do a mural. Brilliant! I've always wanted to do a mural! lol So, I will be painting giant flowers on their walls...of course, after the third coat. 

 Almost there...can you see the vision yet?!

This is how my camera saw the room with the light ON... camera over-stimulation?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blue Moon

Karate Kid has been patiently waiting for us to work on his room, so we started it. I am hoping to finish it soon, but you never know what will come up.

  After the first coat, it looks great! I am thinkin' only one more coat! Hooray!

 My parents also bought him this Moon in My Room to put up. We are very excited!
 Has anyone else noticed the weird scent left behind a few days after you paint??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man!

So, my honey is AMAZING! I'm sure you knew that. If you remember "the thing" in the kitchen, it has water and ice but it wasn't hooked up. In fact, the house didn't have the plumbing to hook up a refrigerator with water and ice. Lovely.
Super Honey to the rescue! (I KNOW! Hot.)


 He got "dawn" and dirty! lol (slapping knee) 

It didn't take him long to get the piping all set up and with a little help from Moi, it was done!

 Ah. Water. Now this is quality H2O.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

So, whenever it's cold outside, weird things happen in our house.

 This happens.
   Yes, That is our dog, Atlas, standing in front of the heater and letting it blow on him. He will stand there all day if we let him.

 Also, this happens.
  Those are ponies. Every pony we own. All on the stairs.

 But, all in all, it's all right. My honey insisted we watch the 49ers vs. Giants game last night, "Since it will determine who plays in the SUPERBOWL!!!" So we did.....and do you know what? It was the best time as a family we've had in a long, long while.

 Home is but our Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Yesterday I spent ALL DAY working on Little Miss and Chickie's room. ALL DAY! Then, when it came time to take our children over to our friend's house for our weekly date swap co-op, I enlisted my Honey to help me too! (Which, I should tell you, he hated doing...complained the WHOLE time)

 But, alas, all was not well as we finished the second coat only to find that we STILL SEE THE WALL!! AGH! So, today I get to buy another gallon of Bright Black Raspberry. Apparently, according to Honey, here is where I went wrong.
 Yep. Those are rollers in my children's hands. Here I thought I was being a good mommy by letting them help paint the room and it turns out my "foundation coat" was the most important of all. Oh well. I didn't know.
 The good thing is the color is AWESOME! It's so My Little Pony, I almost can't handle it. This is a picture of the first coat. I couldn't get a good one of the second last night because it was so dark.

I would have to say that even with Karate Kid stepping in the paint and getting it all over his leg and Little Miss accidentally wiping paint all over herself, it was fun. Chickie, of course, was totally offended that she wasn't helping and when we were all done, she decided she was tired. I was glad the room was pretty aired out and I had bought the good paint without the harmful VOCs because there was NO WAY I was waking up that grumpy kid.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Now THIS is Overstimulation!

My honey loves me and my crazy ideas of color, but I wanted to show a few houses that are even MORE outrageous than my ideas! I found these while searching for inspiration. I think I got it!

 from Dornob

 from Swastana

From UglyHouse (although I kinda liked it)

I feel like painting!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Build or Not to Build!?

So I have this thing with shelves!! I can't seem to live without them everywhere. My honey feels that built in shelves are "old" and he likes a modern look. Which, frankly, isn't going to happen in THIS house. But I had an idea today and spent a whole hour drawing this out on the computer. Thank you SNOW DAY! So here's my idea.

 Here's how things currently look.

 The idea is to add floor to ceiling shelves. Cover the middle with glass inlaid doors and have cabinets on the bottom. Do you see it? The vision. I would do this on the whole wall, but I couldn't get a whole wall photo without running into the rats. So imagine the same thing mirrored on the other side of the door.

 I have two problems with this. The Smoke Alarm and the Thermostat. Would it look ok to leave them? Would YOU move them?

 Give me your opinion!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Vision: Part 2 - the Kitchen and Front Room

Moving on from the kids' rooms - to be honest I don't know in what order I will get this all done - we have the kitchen. It's a main hub in our house since right now the door we use opens right up into it. Right now it's a pale blue.
Here's my inspiration board and ideas for my kitchen!! YES! YELLOW!!!
 My Honey says that people coming over to our house will be attacked with an onslaught of color. Good. That's exactly what I like. I LOVE color. It makes me happy and up here, when it's cold and grey, color helps me.
 Our front room is currently a lovely (cough, gag, cough) beige. I don't like beige really.

 Instead, picture it GREEN!!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day - all the time! I'm sure he'll love it. It will be quite enjoyable, I'm sure.

Now, don't you just LOVE this chandelier??

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tale of Eureka

Today is a good day. I decided to post twice today. I want to tell you a little story.

 Once upon a time, there was a little woman. This little woman cooked and cleaned for her handsome, young husband who worked hard for their little family. Now this little woman had to use all sorts of tools to clean house, like the vacuum. The vacuum she used was bought second hand five years ago. It clogged often, it didn't adjust to the carpet type anymore and the latch had broken so it didn't stay up by itself. She used this vacuum to clean their modest home and made it work as best as she could. One day, they decided to buy a castle in the next town. This castle had fireplaces in every room!!! Oh the heat!!! So they loaded up their cart with their belongings and away they went. Now that they were in a new home, the little woman pleaded with her husband to buy her a new vacuum. Such a home deserves to be cleaned with a NEW vacuum. But, alas, he was to hear nothing of it. It would be too much money and they had other things to buy. "Besides", he had said, "This one works just fine." So the little woman sighed and dreamed of a vacuum that never lost suction.

 Once all of their things were unloaded, they had to travel back to their old home to clean it for the next tenants. The little woman had all of her tools, including the vacuum. Six hours they toiled and scrubbed to make the house sparkle more than it had when they moved in themselves! Finally, with sweat on their brow, they began loading their cart with the last bit of things they had used to clean. The strapping you husband took the vacuum and decided to use it to vacuum up some dirt that had spilled. The little woman thought nothing of it as they had just used it to clean the house when all of the sudden a curse erupts from the room where her dear husband was cleaning. He had broken the vacuum.

 The little woman was delighted as she knew they would HAVE to get a new vacuum and her husband reluctantly agreed. So, that next work day, the little woman and her handsome husband take a trip to the local market where they sold vacuums of every size and shape. So many different types that the little woman had a hard time choosing. Which to choose, she thought!? She asked her dear husband his opinion and he decided on this one.

 Throwing it into their wagon, they headed home and the little woman was able to clean her floors so they were worthy of her new castle home.

 The End

Thanks Honey, for breakin' the vacuum. Love forever. : P

My Vision: Part 1 - The Kids' Rooms

I love color. For those of you who know me, that is no secret. I have dreamed....always, I think... of having a home with rooms of every different color. So, I approached my dear, sweet husband with this request and he said, "SURE!" lol So I thought I would share with you my VISION for this house. It'll be in multiple parts as "I'm crazy" and want to accomplish so much! lol

The first rooms I plan on completing are the kids' rooms. Karate Kid has chosen "Nautical Blue." Here's my inspiration board. (I love inspiration boards!)
 The blue looks more blue on the paint chip.
Here's Little Miss' inspiration board. Little Miss shares a room with Chickie so it works out well.

This week will be relatively quiet. Maybe I can even paint one of the rooms today.... hmmm.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pinewood Derby Rocks!!!

Took a break today and went to Pinewood Derby for Karate Kid. It was lots of fun, even though he didn't win anything.