Saturday, January 21, 2012

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Yesterday I spent ALL DAY working on Little Miss and Chickie's room. ALL DAY! Then, when it came time to take our children over to our friend's house for our weekly date swap co-op, I enlisted my Honey to help me too! (Which, I should tell you, he hated doing...complained the WHOLE time)

 But, alas, all was not well as we finished the second coat only to find that we STILL SEE THE WALL!! AGH! So, today I get to buy another gallon of Bright Black Raspberry. Apparently, according to Honey, here is where I went wrong.
 Yep. Those are rollers in my children's hands. Here I thought I was being a good mommy by letting them help paint the room and it turns out my "foundation coat" was the most important of all. Oh well. I didn't know.
 The good thing is the color is AWESOME! It's so My Little Pony, I almost can't handle it. This is a picture of the first coat. I couldn't get a good one of the second last night because it was so dark.

I would have to say that even with Karate Kid stepping in the paint and getting it all over his leg and Little Miss accidentally wiping paint all over herself, it was fun. Chickie, of course, was totally offended that she wasn't helping and when we were all done, she decided she was tired. I was glad the room was pretty aired out and I had bought the good paint without the harmful VOCs because there was NO WAY I was waking up that grumpy kid.

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