Saturday, April 26, 2014

My first quote printable!!!

I'm so excited to have made my very first "church quote" printable. I'm still getting used to this, but I'm so happy! This quote is from President Henry B. Eyring's talk from the October 2013 General Conference called "To My Grandchildren." I'm teaching it in Relief Society tomorrow!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The UWMD Method

 So lately, since it's actually starting to feel like Spring, I have felt the tug once more to purge stuff! I've used this Depression Era quote in our home before, but I think it's high time it becomes one of our mottos! 


I really do love this quote. So, in thinking along these lines, I needed to spruce up Baby Girl's room! We are kinda tight right now on funds, so I have to use what we have! Enter said quote. Here's what we had before. This wasn't awful, but I was tired of looking at the food storage ever time I walked in there. The curtains had been there since we moved in....two years ago. I know. DISGUSTING!

I am proud of our food storage though....
We had bought the wire "curtain rod" and the clips last December while my honey and I were in Chicago! We live a minimum of 8 hours from the nearest IKEA and sometimes it kills me. My honey put it up for me without asking where I wanted it, so needless to say, I was nervous!
I used two flat sheets that I had gotten in our church's "No Sale, Garage Sale" we had where people bring their junk and end up taking home junk someone else brought. It's fun! Plus, how can you think to call these awesome sheets junk? 

Now You See It!
Now You DON'T!
The rest of the room was easy. I used a green flat sheet we had and replaced the yucky curtains (we have lots of sheets). We ended up having to buy this little shelf since we didn't really have a dresser, nor the space to put a dresser. It was cheap and extremely easy to put together, so I'm not complaining. The dresses were hung on an extra curtain rod I had stashed in a closet. Somehow we ended up with extras so I thought this would be perfect for now. Eventually, we will have to think up something else, but for the time being, this works great!
All in all, I say we spent about $36 on this whole thing. The pictures I had from when my oldest was a baby and I had bought them at the dollar store! The lamp was given to us and the rocking chair was my mother's. Excellent! A good use of the UWMD method if I do say so myself! 
Look! She loves it!