Me and Mine

I'm weird, it's true, I cannot lie.
I wouldn't even want to try!
Enjoying life and crafting things; 
I'm a momma that rocks and sings! 
With four crazy munchkins running around, 
our house is always filled with sound. 
From the top of our roof to the bottom of the floor.....
our house if full of Love and MORE!
 I've been a mom for almost 10 years and it's just not right! I am a total night owl but I'm learning to love the light. I love crafting, baking and playing with my family!
 This man is amazing. He's my better half by far! He can fix cars, bathtubs, washers, heaters and more! This man is my personal fix it guy - and he's hot too! He's an IT master and directs all the IT work at an engineering company. Smart and Hot? Yep. I hit the jackpot. 
This is my first born. He's nine years old and loves Minecraft. He's straightforward and bold. He's a smart kid in the head and in the butt! Lover of chess and video games, he's a well rounded boy! Haha
 This is my oldest girly. At seven, she's super, but sometimes uses her powers for evil! She's a happy girl who wants to be an artist zookeeper when she grows up! My zebra obsessed Little Miss.

Meet the two and a half tornado! She's a force to be reckoned with! She'll climb the piano and scale the cupboards in the blink of an eye. She's full of love though and always tells us how much she loves us! 

 Youngest in the bunch is our three month beauty! She's never really screamed and I appreciate it! She's the easiest kid I've had so far!!!! Happy-go-lucky is her way and she can chitter with the best of them.

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