Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I already know I'm crazy......

So I have had these ideas floating around in my head for a LONG, LONG time! And? I think I am going to try and tackle...at least one.

The first? The toilet paper roll mum.

I have already started...it's a baby mum currently hanging on my wall. I plan on getting some spray paint and finishing it today....that's hopeful.

The second... The nail and string letters....Not sure what I want to spell, and I would love to have the wall painted first... so this might be lower on the totem pole.

Third, the yarn balls. I want them. I will make them....someday.

Last, this awesomeness. It's a cross stitch on your wall! Agh! I have a secret love of damask and have been dreaming of doing a wall upstairs like this....see?

My inspiration!!
A design I found online and colored and tweaked it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 2: Didn't Happen

Well, I tried. I really did but then it all fell apart. How?! I wanted it to work! I even tried to do some projects and my kids REJECTED ME! Agh! My mom reminded me that I am trying to do too much. And? She's right. I just started another leg of my life changing eating style....to be Gluten AND Dairy free. It sucks....just so you know.

So....I will try to make up some things from this week, like the sharpie tie dye....just because I really wanted to do it. Also, I might try to combine a few in a day if I feel really good.

Ugh. I feel kinda crappy.....I feel like I'm just giving up! Well, here's this weeks "ideas."

Monday: Egg Geodes
Tuesday: Volcanoes - I will make a POINT to do this one.
Wednesday: Tree cookies....eh probably not.
Thursday: Bug Hunt
Friday: Hot Rocks Painting - THIS looks cool....um hot.
Saturday: Sand Playdough Castles - Sooooo excited for this one...... STORY TIME!!!

When I was little, my mother had this statue that would sit on her dresser. It was a sandcastle. It was BEAUTIFUL! At least I thought so because it looked like and felt like sand and it was SPARKLY! I love, love, love sparkles. I always wanted one... so I want to make one! lol The End.

 Count my blessings....at least my kids are happy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Everyone Knows It's Windy!

 These are pictures of our Fourth of July storm we had. Honey took them!

He's workin' on his panorama!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Orange Room of Laundry!

Honey finally let me paint another room....really, I did most of it. lol What do you think? We want to put cupboards in above the washer and dryer and a folding table. You like? I LOVE!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream?

We had a lovely storm on the Fourth of July so we had a Make-up Fifth of July party! There we made our homemade ice cream.
Here Honey is telling me that I didn't use enough rock salt!
Taste Testing.....Verdict? DELICIOUS!
For the ice cream - we did:
1 C. Half n' Half
2 Tbsp. Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla

Then, we mixed in other ingredients like caramel bits, chocolate chips and even blueberries!
Then? Fireworks!

Little Miss havin' fun!
Chickie is already done.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Epic Fail....

So I tried sooooo hard to do everything this week and I didn't, I didn't do the milk art - which I WANT to do and I didn't even do the lollipops. We did make ice cream, taffy, potato stamps, and Popsicles....so 4/7? Ugh. Plus? We've started week 2 and I MISSED TODAY'S PROJECT!!! AGH!

Oh well.... this week is ART WEEK: Part 1

Sunday - Major Loss.....
Monday - Pony Bead Suncatchers
Tuesday - Glow in the Dark Painting
Wednesday - Window Art
Thursday - Japanese Hanging Koi
Friday - Sharpie Tie Dye
Saturday - Marbleized Paintings

Let's see how many I can DO this week! I'm 0/1.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Taffy, Sweet Taffy!

 Tuesday, we made TAFFY! I'm sure it was SUCH a good idea because it was to be 85 degrees that day. Totally smart right? At first, my kids were NOT looking forward to it. Karate Kid smelled the vinegar and he was a no go. I pushed him to help and he was glad I did.
The recipe I used it my Grandmother's recipe! We love it lots! For my candy thermometer, if we pulled it off at 255 degrees, it was PERFECT!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rocks, Pops and Potatoes?!

The kids were difficult. That's being nice. My children DIDN'T want to do fun projects. My honey said to give it time - that they would warm up to it. I hope so.

First we decided to paint the rocks Little Miss had collected from Lake Superior. Aren't they lovely?

Then, I "MADE" them come outside and do potato stamping. They actually admitted afterwards that they had a good time. I really hope they realize that I am doing this for them! Not just because I like making them do art projects! lol Their friends were over so it was a stamp party!

Finally after a long day, we ate popsicles that we had made earlier.... and then my honey proceeded to accidentally dropped  the popsicle container....and now we can't make homemade popsicles. With that anyways....oh well. We enjoyed it while it lasted. lol

My kids are fruits! WEIRDOS!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week One: Food Week!!!

Oh yeah! It's gonna be AWESOME!

Here's the list for the week!

Sunday (today): We made popsicles!
Monday: Potato Stamping - plus we're painting rocks!
Tuesday: Homemade Taffy
Wednesday: Homemade Icecream
Thursday: Milk Art
Friday: Homemade Lollipops
Saturday: Making & Decorating Cookies
Hopefully I will be good and post *almost* every day!! YEAH!