Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life gets crazy....and you let stuff slide.

So, a lot has happened in the last well....almost a year (hangs head in shame). Although I do say that I think the last time that I actually wrote in my journal was more than a year ago, so I am doing good!

Catching up, I've had a baby! What!? Yep, a baby girl. She was a chunky monkey! I ended up being induced and had so much fluid, it was crazy! She was out in one big swoop. Probably a surfer chick....

We also lost our dog, Atlas. Poor thing got hit by a car. It's awful but we are sure he's feeling better now and he has all four legs!

Hopefully I will be able to come back on and do my blog. My friends have been doing more to theirs and it's pushed me to come back to mine.... I just didn't realize it'd been almost a YEAR since I've written on it. Oh well.... it'll get better.