Friday, December 14, 2012

The Real Me....

So recently my friend helped me discover "Dressing My Truth." I have to admit.... I was totally skeptical, but she loved it and she's not easily swayed so I thought I would look into it. It's awesome. I have totally changed my view on myself. Of course, there are still a few things that will take time and it's definitely not cure all, but it's made MY life better and for that, I am grateful.

So... I am a Full Fledged TYPE 1. All the way baby.That means I need brighter colors that support who I am... I was doing pretty good...but not everything was great. So, I cut and colored my hair.... got some new jewelry and clothes and I feel great. I feel like me now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Man Needs to EAT!!

So we get paid in the middle of the month, which makes budgeting weird, but anyways....I decided to make dump chicken meals for the month - you know where you throw everything in a bag and then when you're ready you toss it in the crockpot. So.... I gathered up recipes from the internet and got some great deal on meat. Just look at my bounty below?!

 Then... I had to set everything up so I can make them. It took me like two solid hours to put everything together. In then end, it was great. The family liked almost all of the meals but were completely sick of chicken by the end of the month.

 See my end result? Beautiful! Even Atlas thought so too.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh yeah....I forgot!

So Life happens, right? I have asked recently why I haven't updated my blog and if you can answer that for me, then that would be great. It's probably the same reason I CAN NOT get myself to journal. I loooooooooove the idea of journaling. I have researched Art Journaling and read my ancestor's journals and I love it all!!! Yet, every time I think about journaling, I feel such an intense urge to run in the opposite direction. WHY!?

Anyways, I am writing now. So I have to update a month and a half.... That's gonna take a few posts.. So we'll finish October.

 Shortly after my last post, I went on tour with the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra. We went and played at a few different places in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was awesome! Mind you, these are NOT good quality pictures since I took them with my less than perfect phone.

This was our first stop. It was really nice! As you can see in this pic, the audience left a lot to be desired. lol
After the concert...tired.
 We didn't leave there until late and not getting into bed until 1 a.m. then wake up at 5 to be at a school to do things with the local high school.
The view outside of the hotel.
 This was the second place we played... it's the Reynolds Hall in NMU I believe. It was SOOOO awesome. The acoustics were awesome.'s BEAUTIFUL!
On Saturday we took some time off. When we went outside we saw these wild turkeys!! Hilarious! They scared a whole bunch of people that morning. Every time they did, they poofed up! lol Awesome.
My Going Out outfit.

This is the door to the Wells Fargo Bank in Marquette! lol
At our third place all I got was this pic of the dome on the ceiling. The last place was great and I didn't get a pic there either. Sad. But, it was fun and not really something I would like to do a often. When I left, I had written letters for my family. See?

It was really just a way of me dealing with being gone, but they enjoyed it too.

Halloween went well. I was only able to get a pic of Little Miss....Chickie wasn't really into it and Karate Kid was upset I didn't buy him one from the store. Oh well. At least she was happy.