Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SCENTsational ME!

So today I thought it would be important for me to clean up my craft room since I am planning on becoming a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I need somewhere to put it all right?! So I began and got quite a bit done. See?
 Then, Atlas started whining and barking so I took him outside and what did my eyes behold? MY PACKAGE!!!

Of course, I had to OPEN IT! 
A New Consultant packet! Hooray! I've been speaking with my sponsor, who's helped me out A TON, but it's nice to have a handbook to refer to as well. 
Blogger turned my picture sideways...weird.
Since February is a transition month, I get BOTH sets of scents and catalogs! WHOOT! Order forms and invitations galore....
Punpkin Roll....YUM!
 I even got light bulbs! lol A bar, a room spray, a hand foam sanitizer, a circle, scent pak and a travel tin! What? That's not all? No! The show's not over yet!
I get a scentsy buddy!!! Ribbert! lol He's incredible soft and well made. A good size too!
And last, but not least, a full-size scentsy warmer....and it's ADORABLE! It's called Dotty. Love it.

 You all know what you need to do now, right?
This is my CLEANING look. I know, I look lovely.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fairy Princess Tea Party!!!

Saturday was the birthday party I helped plan with a friend of mine. I was, of course, late. But, I thought I would share some of the contributions I made!
The cake is buttercream with fondant fairies...yes, I made them. Enjoy!!
We made the crowns and wands Little Miss has here.
My friend did an amazing spread!! The cake's final resting place.
The bags...filled...and the wands and crowns.
I made her. Get it?!
It was a great party and everyone enjoyed it. Now, I feel the push to get workin' on my house again! Finally, I'll get back to posting! lol Also, for those of you who DON'T know... I am now a....
 Hooray!!! Now, if you need scentsy... you can call, email or stop by and order!!!

The house is calling me...Bee blogging soon!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taking a break with the house!

This week, I've had to take a break with the house. I offered to help a friend out with their daughter's party, so I am currently obsessed about that. It's what I would love to ultimately do; party planning. See? They're the gift bags. It's a fairy princess tea party....with one boy. lol

Just some stuff to add to the gift bags.
 Also, I get to host our monthly book club meeting this Wednesday. We're reading Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax M.D. Ph.D. It's great! Especially since I have a boy! lol

 On Friday, I am also having a Stampin' Up party! Hooray! I love stamps. Then, along with all of that, I have to be a good Young Women's president and do glow-in-the-dark volleyball for mutual. *Sigh* I'm tired already.

Don't you love the pom poms? lol

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kitchen Transformation!!!

So, I decided that if I wanted a happy honey (and really, who doesn't) then I should work on the kitchen. Down the stairs I went, full of renewed energy and desire to please my dear and wonderful husband when I was greeted with this.

 I know. I'd cry too...I think I might have. 

Well, I put my shoulder to the wheel and dug in. It was hard! Not really, but mainly because I DIDN'T WANT TO DO IT. But, when my honey came home and was thrilled with "what I could set my mind to", I guess it was worth it. 

 Sorry the pictures are wonky. You're supposed to keep the camera at the same angle, but that's hard with this in your arms. lol

 Also, Happy Birthday to my Mom and Dad!!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ambitious Ambitions.....Uh... ok.

Ok, so I THOUGHT I was going to get the room done, but I didn't. It was taking a long time with details I didn't think I was going to do. That's normal for me. Also, I got sidetracked and put together my bathroom upstairs. Hey, it happens.
BEFORE: A lovely artwork
AFTER: A sparkling tub of clean!
Look!! NO BOXES!!!

Wanna hear a joke? Ok, do you know why there aren't any boxes in the bathroom?? Because their all out in the hall!!! What? Not funny? I didn't think so either.

Here's a look at the things we're painting on the wall.

Yes, it's a GLITTER-BEE!
 My Honey says he wants me ("You are GOING to do this room next.") to start working on the kitchen next. (Me: "But I don't want to! Don't you think I should work on OUR room next?"

Him: "NO, uh-uh, nope. You need to get this room organized! It's a mess in here!" 

Me: "But I don't want to!!!" yes..I was using our children's patented whining....

Him: "Tough, get to work." Snap, snap of fingers. 

BTW I did whack him and remind him that I AM NOT A DOG and DO NOT SNAP AT ME! lol)

So, I guess I will be tackling our KITCHEN!! Remember it? Full of JUNK! lol It's better after honey took a bunch of boxes upstairs but still, it's a room I dread. I think I'd rather tackle my craft room!!
Yeah. WAY WORSE! But SOOOO like Christmas....where you get everything you LIKE! lol

 Here's Lookin' at YOU!