Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring SUCKS so it's Summer instead!

I don't know if many of you notice or not, but spring hasn't come to my part of the world. We have a Winter Storm Advisory with an expected 14 inches. Are you serious? Totally. It bites the big one. Totally up a creek without a paddle. So, instead of worrying if Spring will EVER come, I've decided to focus on Summer.

Last year, my totally awesome plan to do weekly themes with science experiments and art projects galore went totally bust. The kids revolted and refused to do anything. See this picture? They're potato stamping. They threw a total fit before and their dad sat them down and talked to them about how hard I worked on these activities and that they needed to do them. Great. It all fell apart from there.

This year, I thought I needed something well balanced so that the kids don't sit in front of the tv the whole time or become zombies playing Mario Party 9 all day every day. I LOVE activities but obviously, last year was too much. It was forced play. Not fun. What to do!?

Well, I researched until the dogs came home and found some totally amazing sites.

I Heart Organizing is amazing. Seriously, you'll spend all day. But, I loved this post on summer schedules.

 A Mom with a Lesson Plan is awesome too! A lot of creativity flowing here! She gives some great tips here on how to lay out your schedule. She also does "invitations to play." Something I am going to include this year as well.
The Imagination Tree is my new favorite place to hang out! This gal has got so many ideas on "invitations" to play, create, learn and more! Check it out! Also check out Play at Home Mom for more ideas on "invitations!"
Simple as That has these awesome summer reading printables! You'll love them! I've used them with my books for this year. Check it out here.

Somewhat Simple is what really got my ideas for my summer schedule off the ground. This post had the weekday theme ideas and I just loved that. Of course, I adapted it for my own family.

Other people have similar ideas. Just type in Summer Schedule in Pinterest or Google and watch the ideas flow!

Here I've given you all of this information and I haven't even shared MINE with you! lol That's ok. I understand. I spent DAYS on these sites, people. Really. My husband thought all I did was sit at the computer, and he wasn't too far off! Here's a teaser below. I'll post more soon!

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