Friday, April 13, 2012

Candy Apple Red!

 So, here it is!!! The MUDROOM! (Background jazz band swingin')
It's sexy. It's BOLD. It took FOUR COATS!

What was I thinking!? Painting black really messed me up. It was soooooo easy. Covered almost completely in just the first coat and then to red. Bright red. Four coats. Ugh. Honey was NOT happy by the end. Actually, I painted the last coat since he was DONE. I also plan on doing the front entryway too! Why you ask? Here's some tips and reasons for wanting a red room from RealSimple and Apartment Therapy. They seem to fit! lol

After!!! AMAZING! lol

After! With a RED baby too!
What do you think!? I can't wait to show you the curtains!!!

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