Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ninja I-Spy Bags!

For Little Miss' Birthday, I made I-Spy Ninja bags that I got the idea for from this gal. I thought I could SORT OF re-create it. So, I did.
First, I drew out my pattern and decided what I wanted the "window" part to look like. I did a poor excuse for ninja stars. lol
Then, I ransacked my bead box and my button box and came up with several things to use as my items. I made cards, laminated them and then they were ready!!
I spy with my ninja eye!
 I used a bunch of beads I had as my filler. It worked out great!!!
Their eyes are embroidered.
 I made one for each girl.

 Little Miss and I wrapped them all up with a treat and a pretty fan we found at the dollar store.
They were a hit!

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