Friday, May 4, 2012

Shiny Sink!

A friend of mine recently taught a mini class on organization. I'm NOT organized. I'm a wannabe organized neat freak. Wannabe being the most important word. Most of the time, my house is filled with empty snack wrappers, dirty and clean clothes alike - strewn about the room I'm sure - and toys galore! But, my friend is a Flybaby of sorts and does things from the Flylady.

I decided to do it! I can do it right? Right. So, I've been shining my sink and keeping my kitchen clean. YEAH! I've also realized that I never actually cleaned WITH my children so they know HOW to clean things. Nice huh? Ask them to clean and they don't so you get mad. Right? Yeah, they don't know what they're doing either. lol Game plan then, is to clean every room, every thing and spot. Take a picture of it and write detailed instructions. Put them in sheet protectors and into a binder where they can grab the page for the room they are doing and follow the instructions and look at the pictures to make sure it's clean!

I'll have to help them the first few times, but I need to make sure they KNOW HOW! lol Life is great huh?

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