Friday, May 11, 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle My Little Star

So Karate Kid came home a few weeks ago and announced that he wanted to participate in an Opera workshop called OPERAtion Imagination that was coming up. REALLY!? YOU!? Not that he can't sing, in fact, he's starting to do pretty dang good, it's just that wasn't his thing. I thought. So, we talked about it and paid the fee and signed him up. Well, he went. He was really nervous, but he did fabulous!!
Chickie playing while we wait to see Karate Kid!
Daddy....enough said.
They performed in Michigan Tech's Rozsa Center
 The team helped them rewrite lyrics to songs and they wrote a script, dressed up and performed it for all of the parents! AWESOME! I loved it! I had to be totally cool, of course. Didn't want anyone catching on that mom was bawling her heart out inside.

  Even with all of the hard things, the tough times, the tears, ripping my hair out and wanting to scream....this boy is amazing. He's kind to people - when he wants to be : ) - He can be helpful, true, honest, loving and more. He's my little star and he shines so brightly. I am truly humbled.

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