Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby It's tooooo Cold Outside!

I don't like cold... and lately, it's been VERY COLD!! Negatives for HIGHs and -45 wind chill? No THANK YOU! So, we ended up having a snow day here. It was fun...we did lots of fun things...actually, this was before the worst. I was just informed that we have had 45 inches of snow in the last 10 days. Yeah. NOT OK! So here's some pictures to enjoy from the past week and a half while we've been buried in snow.

This picture makes my heart swell.
This one... not so much. But, she's just like me...
Chickie was afraid of the tube for a while...
Little Princess
Peering into the tunnel to Karate Kid's tent.
Atlas enjoying my lap!
This also meant PAJAMA DAY!
And a tea part for lunch....
Karate Kid got his car track out.
Our front room.....on a snow day!

Helping mommy!
Snowy day.
The roads on Tuesday.
Roads on Tuesday.
My poor honey in the bitter cold.
Little Miss with her Chinese Dragon! LOVE IT!

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