Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I already know I'm crazy......

So I have had these ideas floating around in my head for a LONG, LONG time! And? I think I am going to try and tackle...at least one.

The first? The toilet paper roll mum.

I have already started...it's a baby mum currently hanging on my wall. I plan on getting some spray paint and finishing it today....that's hopeful.

The second... The nail and string letters....Not sure what I want to spell, and I would love to have the wall painted first... so this might be lower on the totem pole.

Third, the yarn balls. I want them. I will make them....someday.

Last, this awesomeness. It's a cross stitch on your wall! Agh! I have a secret love of damask and have been dreaming of doing a wall upstairs like this....see?

My inspiration!!
A design I found online and colored and tweaked it.

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