Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 2: Didn't Happen

Well, I tried. I really did but then it all fell apart. How?! I wanted it to work! I even tried to do some projects and my kids REJECTED ME! Agh! My mom reminded me that I am trying to do too much. And? She's right. I just started another leg of my life changing eating be Gluten AND Dairy free. It sucks....just so you know.

So....I will try to make up some things from this week, like the sharpie tie dye....just because I really wanted to do it. Also, I might try to combine a few in a day if I feel really good.

Ugh. I feel kinda crappy.....I feel like I'm just giving up! Well, here's this weeks "ideas."

Monday: Egg Geodes
Tuesday: Volcanoes - I will make a POINT to do this one.
Wednesday: Tree probably not.
Thursday: Bug Hunt
Friday: Hot Rocks Painting - THIS looks hot.
Saturday: Sand Playdough Castles - Sooooo excited for this one...... STORY TIME!!!

When I was little, my mother had this statue that would sit on her dresser. It was a sandcastle. It was BEAUTIFUL! At least I thought so because it looked like and felt like sand and it was SPARKLY! I love, love, love sparkles. I always wanted one... so I want to make one! lol The End.

 Count my least my kids are happy.

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