Friday, July 6, 2012

Rocks, Pops and Potatoes?!

The kids were difficult. That's being nice. My children DIDN'T want to do fun projects. My honey said to give it time - that they would warm up to it. I hope so.

First we decided to paint the rocks Little Miss had collected from Lake Superior. Aren't they lovely?

Then, I "MADE" them come outside and do potato stamping. They actually admitted afterwards that they had a good time. I really hope they realize that I am doing this for them! Not just because I like making them do art projects! lol Their friends were over so it was a stamp party!

Finally after a long day, we ate popsicles that we had made earlier.... and then my honey proceeded to accidentally dropped  the popsicle container....and now we can't make homemade popsicles. With that anyways....oh well. We enjoyed it while it lasted. lol

My kids are fruits! WEIRDOS!

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