Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pimp My Porch!

Well, this year we had decided that we needed to repaint the porch. It's a long story but I'll try to make it short. When we bought the house, we saw that the previous owner had painted it. A sad but true story. 
Before Honey got drill happy.
 Honey had thought it would be easier to take off the bottom boards to sand and paint, and I agreed. Then, he suggested taking off all of the boards....and then the top rail...and then all of the railing. So, when we went to Sherwin Williams, the guy gave us a stain remover. Needless to say, halfway through applying it and noticing that it did no !@($*&!(@$* good, we realized the mistake. NICE! So, we ended up putting on some other stuff to neutralize it and power washed the deck like crazy! 
 A lot of the paint came up, but then we were informed that it was going to snow. Yeah, snow. WHAT!? We can't paint a porch in the SNOW! That made us stress and make a mad dash to paint the deck as fast as possible. We made it, but now honey just read that we should put the top coat on within 14 days.......well that ain't gonna happen.
Looks like we're missing half of the deck!

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