Monday, October 8, 2012

So Ashamed!

I didn't realize that I hadn't written for SOOOO long. I just wrote last week, I swear!

So.... I guess I should update you on the month of September so beware of the onslaught of photos!

Early on, we went camping in the porkies with some friends of ours. The kids were ecstatic! They LOOOOVE camping, even though we have only been a few times. Honey and I love camping too, it's just not as AWESOME to do with a baby. Really. But, we decided to forge on ahead. The kids loved the visitor's center because they had a bunch of stuffed animals - literally stuffed, real animals - and they thought that was awesome. Not the wolf so much as it didn't have any glass and looked a little too real that the girls turned the corner and screamed! Notice Chickie is not too happy.
We ended up in a campground that was by a beach and the first night we got some awesome shots.
 My children were pretty much "Married to dirt" as my honey would say. They were CONSTANTLY filthy. I think they liked it.

 Later on, we went to another beach where Karate Kid and I searched for Agates. We found a few awesome ones.... yes, I realize I look dorky in my snorkel.
 At last, we went and spent some time at a place called The Lake of the Clouds. It was beautiful!
 That's the best you get as far as a pic of me. I looked TERRIBLE. But that's ok.

Next on our agenda was Karate Kid's baptism! In our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that children under eight are pure and innocent and have no need of baptism. Once they turn eight they are at an age where they understand right and wrong and can be accountable for their mistakes. Karate Kid chose to be baptized!
We also had my sister and my nieces to pieces visit so we HAD to have some family pics done! Thanks to my friend Lara at Overstuffed. She does such great work.

 We have such a great family! I am truly blessed.

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