Friday, October 19, 2012

Planning is Easy. Implementing is Hard.

So browsing Pinterest and other places have given me a TON of ideas and things I want to do. How do I implement them!? I have been trying for weeks to write in my journal and I just can't seem to sit down and do it! But, I thought I would share with you some of the things I would like to do....then maybe.....YOU might want to do them too. That might motivate me.....maybe.

#1 - Make the Christmas Gifts this Year!!!

I have tried really hard to do this. This year, I'm pretty ahead of the game, but still....Here's my plan.

 Honey's Present - A framed needlework of these adorable star trek you recognize them?

For Little Miss...I'm making her a quilt. A crazy quilt. Literally. I have no pattern and a bunch of material. I did make some individual crazy squares. Plus, I have some scrap strip blocks and some applique house blocks I embroidered on. I will post more about this later. I also thought about doing these adorable princess peg dolls.
From Lil' Blue Boo

 For Karate Kid....I am making cloth Yu-Gi-Oh dueling mats. Like this...sort of. I wanted to make them semi-stiff but still be able to fold them up. I also wanted to put a pocket on the back so he can put his cards in them. Other than that....I'm totally stumped.

Chickie, of course, is "easy" since she is ONE and doesn't really get it, right? Wrong. I have no idea. My niece is slightly younger and I thought about these cute owl things since her mommy is into owls.
Petals to Picots

 For my parents!? I usually get them a calendar for the next year with our pictures in it, and I will be giving them that....which turned out awesome by the way. But what else?! Here's some of my ideas. Of course, they are geared toward my MOTHER...what to get a grandpa?!
Make: Craft - Embroidered Kid Art
Sarah Ortega

 #2 - Things for my home!

I have been wanting to do this faux cross stitching on the wall....just haven't had the time.
Home Heart Craft

We've been needing to implement something better for chores and other things... I think this gal from this blog "Our Story" has a great idea writing detailed instructions on cards. I had a similar idea, but I like this idea better.
How do I stay Organized!?
The Holidays are favorite time of the year, but apparently I'm more likely to be crabby. lol I love this give thanks board where you put what you're thankful for on cards in each envelope. A good tradition, no?
Give Thanks

I'm obsessed with my garden....namely my flower garden. I am PRAYING that all of my flowers live through the winter. And it would the AWESOME to make this sign - or something like unto it - and have it in my flower garden. LOVE IT!

#3 - I want to do REALLY great things for my ONLY Young Woman. 
I just got a new young woman and I want to make her glad she's in Young Women's. I am working on it... but planning and doing? Hard things.
Survival Kit Tidy Mom

#4 - Activities to Participate in.

I am NO photographer. I do not have a super spiffy camera, but I do love it. AND I love interesting pictures. So, I thought these looked like a lot of fun...but when?! The drawing one is a no brainer. Love that too. Maybe I'll start Monday. Who says you have to start on the first, right?

So you see? There are tons of things I would love to do and accomplish. I have tons more on my Pinterest boards. But HOW!? How do you implement them? How do you keep yourself motivated? 

If Only I knew!!!!

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