Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mall of America Part 2

So after we did the whole aquarium thing, we took the kids to the theme park, Nickelodeon Universe and took them on rides. This was a great idea except for two things. 1. There were a ton of people there and it seemed way more crowded suddenly... and 2. The kids were afraid of the rides.

After going on a few rides, we decided to take a break and get the kids their surprises and then head back to the hotel (we had all day passes to the theme park). Our first stop was the LEGO store! We did not tell the kids we were going to buy them something. Karate Kid and Honey were looking around and my husband asked him what he wanted most....and he got it.
The second stop was to the American Girl store. Little Miss has BEGGED and BEGGED for a doll, but they're DANGED EXPENSIVE! Don't get me wrong, they're great, just $$$$$! lol But, we decided it was time, much to Honey's chagrin.

Saige! The Girl of the Year for 2013
Back at the hotel, the kids attacked their gifts! It was fun to see. Everyone was happy and daddy passed out on the bed. I was doing great until Chickie flung herself backwards and landed squarely on my nose. That hurt for WEEKS!
Me, checking for bruising.
After all that, we got our shelves from IKEA and made it home that Sunday. What a fabulously random vacation! The kids have asked us to do it again next year! lol We'll see!

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