Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still Too Much Snow and Progress Inside!

So we still have a TON of snow even though we have had a few melting days. At one point I gave the kids water bottles filled with food coloring and let them run like crazy banshees on the snow. Yes... that is the TOP of our trampoline frame. Lovely huh? At one point this winter, the snow actually covered the whole thing so you couldn't even see it. Scary.

Also, since the outside world was so depressing, we decided to continue on with the inside. We were beyond thrilled to start painting again and Honey LOVED my idea for brown and it turned out AMAZING! Just look at that rich chocolate color? It's so nice, I can't even tell you. We still have to paint the wall with the computer on it, but that will come. Progress is progress!!! The shelves we got from IKEA. That's when we took our spur of the moment trip to Minneapolis, MN and got them. Aren't they lovely?? Love it.

Also, the room above the kitchen is getting the love it soooooooo desperately deserves. Well, at least a little....more to come soon.

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