Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Can't Come Soon Enough!!

So...are you ready? I'm going to share with you something I have worked WEEKS on and let you download it for yourself! For FREE! Yes, I love free and I love giving things to people so it's a win-win.

I have a wonderful friend, Lara at Overstuffed, who does a summer reading thing with her girls every year. See? I have loved this idea! But Karate Kid and Little Miss? Ha.

This year is different though. Karate Kid was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. I And? We learned that a schedule would help our family out immensely! I have played around with the schedule idea and I think I finally found what works and maybe it will for you too!This has had a BIG impact on our family. We now "get" it...sort of. We're "getting" it, anyways. 

Like I mentioned yesterday, with much inspiration, I decided each day would be a theme....a  less stressful theme! lol 

Settle Down Sunday - Our family likes to go for walks, walk on the beach, and spend time out in nature on Sundays after church. It helps our family and it's a nice touch after a refreshing church service. : )

Make it Monday - I thought it would be fun to make something - edible and non-edible alike. We could be baking cookies, ribbon wands, salt dough, or comic books! 

Take a Trip Tuesday - I just want to make sure my kids get out of the house! And me too... 

Wonderful Wednesday - This is the day I set aside time to do our book related activities. More on that later.

Thinking Thursday - My kids like to figure things out and sometimes learn a lot....sometimes. So, I thought it would be fun to ask questions - get them to ask questions anyways, and find the answers out! 

Friends on Fridays - After chores and lunch, we will go pick up friends and bring them back for activities and fun play!

Silly and Serving Saturday - I felt it was important for my kids to get used to serving. I planned for a fun family activity as well as something every week we can do for someone else. Love it.

Here's a look at Monday's schedule as an example.

 My kids ALWAYS get up at 7:00 a.m. I don't make them, they do it naturally. lol Some of you parents are cringing. I just know it. Yes, it's not always convenient, but they are a lot happier sometimes. Also, there are "May Do"s and "Must Do"s. 

May Dos are fun things like playing with playdough, reading, coloring etc. Must Dos are chores and things that need to get done around the house. I have made a bunch of each and they will go in these cute re-purposed containers I have.  They will draw the needed amount - usually four each - and then they will have the ability to CHOOSE when they would like to do it, within reason. For instance, on our Monday's example, I chose "Folding Laundry." I can choose to fold the laundry at 8:00, 9:00, 2:30 or 3:30. I wanted to give the kids a choice, yet limit it to times when I can be the support.

I am planning on laminating the schedules and putting velcro on each May Do and Must Do spot to make it easier. I tried to include outdoor time since I often forget to send them out and my kids aren't always gung ho to go outside. Weirdos. 

Below are the links to download each day's schedule as a powerpoint so you can manipulate it as you'd like and that works for your family! Tomorrow, I will post all about my book packets that go along with our weekly schedule! Aren't you EXCITED!?!?!?!?!

*Note - Don't worry about the dropbox preview, it won't look like that when you download it! haha 

Also, here is the link to download my list of May Dos and Must Dos:


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