Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back to Normal? Whatever that is....

Well, it's been two REALLY fast weeks since I've posted...and that's no surprise as I haven't worked on the house! lol I've got a dual focus right now....although Honey doesn't totally love the idea. lol

My parents are visiting in April so I'd really like to finish the room above the stairs...As you can see, it needs a little help....I mean a lot of help. But, I have nowhere to put the stuff. Honey thinks we should just shove it in the attic and I said "NO!" We really need to stay on a good foot with this house and put. things. away.  

So, my inspiration for the room above the kitchen or the RATK! lol 

I would love three big cubbies with track lighting to highlight the kids' artwork and our ROCK COLLECTION! lol I'm kind of thinking like this....
The other room we're going to work on is our room! YES! It's going to be....BLACK! lol People don't believe me, but look at some of these rooms! 

 I think they look amazing. We're accenting with red too!!!  Right now it's a sage color, which isn't terrible, it just isn't me! lol It's a mess. Our dumping ground.
Totally do-able right!? RIGHT!!! Go Team! Break!

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  1. The black rooms are quite elegant. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.