Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The RATK (que Jaws Theme)

 I have to say that I am BOTH looking forward to this room and dreading it. With what I want to do, it'll be a lot of work, painting and pure fun! On the other hand, we have to put everything away - or as much as we can - first. Ugh.

Right now, as you can see, it's a colonel mustard kind of color and it does NOT sit well with my tastes. I am currently thinking Turquoise. Yeah, with yellow and brown accents. Yep...purr.
Junk everywhere...can't make myself throw it out. I NEED IT ALL! lol
So the back....I drew this to share my vision - and also so Honey can see it too. I guess I can't explain it so it sounds logical....or even possible. lol
I want shelves floor to ceiling in a modern, modular kind of way. I want those three cubes to have a small track light where two will point to the bottom of the box....where our rock collection will be, and one to highlight some of the kids' art I've framed. The rest will hold books and knick-knacks. I'm not sure what color the shelves will be. Probably the same honey brown as the molding.

Here, the previous owner have some sort of makeshift closet? I would like to enclose that into two or three sections where one is drawers and shelves, the second would have shelves on the bottom and a small rack to hang things on the top. If we do a third, it would be shelves - but they would all have doors and look like cabinets. We'll see. It's a lofty goal - or as my honey would say, an expensive goal. lol
As a side note, do you like my Blue and Gold Creampuffs that I took to Karate Kids' banquet? He's a Wolf now!

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