Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Comes....for the Moment.

Today was B-E-A-Utiful! Amazing amazing.. I even shaved my legs. I know! Amazing. I was resigned to do the dishes because we had accumulated quite the stack since Honey has been living at work recently. lol After a while, I realized I was starring at the wall. Bare space. I knew my Honey had mentioned that he wished there was a window there, but I didn't really think about it. So, I MADE a window of sorts.

What do you think? lol I like the polka dots myself! lol It's just pinned together...sort of a trial run to see what Honey thinks of it.

We also had some outside time...which I was fought tooth and nail, but of course I won. And? "Mom, we love being outside!" Uh huh. I know. You just forgot what sun was like. It's ok little snow babies. I will free you from your frozen cocoon and release the brilliant colored butterflies that you are. lol

Ah...even Atlas is out in the sun. Of course I had to chain him up too. Gosh. I hope they appreciate the sun more when they realize how little we have of it. I need to get Chickie out, but she was sleeping at the time.

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  1. Now I'm mad that we had to go to Marquette all day for the orthodontist! What a way to spend it! It was colder there, although it was still quite beautiful.