Friday, March 9, 2012

Bambino Penguino!!

So I got the opportunity to help out another friend with her daughter's birthday party. This time, I was in charge of the cake. YEAH! I love decorating cakes. Soooooo fun!

Many people ask how I make my cakes....well, I will give you some secrets. Not really...but here's what I do.
Step 1: I ALWAYS use parchment paper on the bottom of any cake pan I use.
Step 2: I ALWAYS flour my pans. Spray some PAM or use some Crisco and flour the edges. This one was not as
Step 3: I ALWAYS wait 10 minutes after pulling my cakes out of the oven before taking them out of the pans. You can also put a crumb coat on, which is a thin layer of icing then refrigerated so you don't get that dirty crumby mix in your nice frosting job. 
See how well it comes out?

Now, the party was deemed a Penguin party. So, without further ado, the penguin cake!! Inspiration came from this month's Family Fun magazine.

I know this is blurry, but it was hilarious. That's Little Miss reading the Ensign - our church magazine - on the toilet. (All Private areas safely out of the shot!) 

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  1. THANK YOU again! So much. Chloe loved the cake, (if you couldn't tell), and all the girls at the party thought it was the greatest thing ever. I enjoyed the purple and blue cake inside...very clever!

    And you need to post the bows you made also. Those were a big hit, too!