Monday, January 30, 2012

To Infinity, and Beyond!

So we FINALLY finished the rooms!!! YEAH (Hallelujah chorus blasting in the background)!!!!

 So, now it's time for show and tell...

 Chickie and Little Miss' room turned out AWESOME! We ended up putting on 4 COATS! But, we also realized that we were skimping on the paint so that's why it took all four coats. Needless to say we used half a gallon doing the last coat. lol

 Today we will finish the flowers complete with birds (by request), bees and butterflies. I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

 Karate kid's room only took three coats, which pleased me greatly!!!!

 Since he has his moon and stars given by G-ma and G-pa B, we decided to add a little something to spice up his walls. lol Meet our astronaut.
Karate Kid is over the moon! lol hahahaha

 Today, we're putting up stars!! Lots and LOTS of glow in the dark stars. 725 of them to be exact. I know. AGH!

 Apparently there as been talk among our friends that no one believes I'm going to paint our room black. Yes, black. Well, stay tooned....I'll be doing it soon.

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