Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Layer of Pink!

After slaving and working SOOO hard, we still need another coat on Chickie and Little Miss' walls. I think it's a red thing. A friend of mine just painted her front room RED (I know, awesome) and she had to do three coats as well. Hmmm. I actually had to take these pictures with the light OFF and my flash on. lol

 Also, after speaking with my mom - who, by the way, gives me almost ALL of my great ideas - she suggested I do a mural. Brilliant! I've always wanted to do a mural! lol So, I will be painting giant flowers on their walls...of course, after the third coat. 

 Almost there...can you see the vision yet?!

This is how my camera saw the room with the light ON... camera over-stimulation?

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking you had already put two coats on when you bought more paint...but it was only one. Yep, I think three is always the case with red. I know my kitchen took that much, too. But it does look good when it's all done! Good luck!