Friday, January 13, 2012

The Thing!

When we purchased our home, it didn't have a stove, a dryer and a refrigerator. So, we decided we would buy a new fridge and get the other two off of craigslist. Having that decided, away we went to scout out our new fridge. We went to Sears, Kirkish, and online. So many choices! French doors. bottom freezer, top freezer, NO freezer, ice maker, water dispenser, 5 shelves, 4 shelves, white, black, stainless steel.....ugh. I think I was burnt out at our first stop!

 My Honey insisted on black. He wanted black's cool or something. Anyways, so that narrowed it down to 1/2 a million choices. Also, he wanted a freezer - which is something we had missed in our previous house since we only had a GIANT fridge and our little deep freezer. Next, it "HAD" to have a water dispenser and an ice maker. (Wow, Honey had a list!) Not only that, it had to be a certain size too. He didn't want a small fridge.

 Well, we had to wait until we actually HAD the house to purchase our fridge so we waited. The time came and Honey casually announced one evening that he was stopping by Sears on the way home from work to look and he'll call me if he finds a good deal. Ok. Got it. He'll call. 30 minutes later? No call. Ok, he didn't find anything worth-wile. A little bit later, I get a call! "Hey, I kind of bought the fridge." WHAT!? WHAT HAPPENED TO "I'LL CALL"????


 "That's great honey! Did you take a picture?"

 "Oh, um no. But you can look it up online!"

 What? I don't even get a picture!?

"Ok, are you on your way home?"

"Yep! See ya soon"

And that's how Honey bought our fridge. Little did I know how it would be.

Here's the space for the fridge. Not a whole lot of room, but then again, I wasn't worried.

Then, the day comes when it is to be delivered. They BARELY get it through our door  - and that is with the doors OFF! It was actually quite hilarious as they cursed the people who designed the fridge saying, "Who designed this thing?!" (person 2) "Someone who didn't have to take it apart and put it back together" (person 1).

It's shiny!!


 Honey now has his water dispenser... of course the house isn't set up for such a fridge, but I know he'll be taking care of that soon.

So much space!!!!
Yeah for the fridge. To be honest, I am glad I don't have to go out on our porch and dig through our coolers for the jelly. It's nice. I shouldn't complain so .......Hooray for the fridge.

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  1. Somehow it looks bigger in your kitchen than it does mine. But maybe it's because mine is white, and it's at the end of the kitchen by the wall? It's a great fridge, though. We love it. :)