Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Vision: Part 2 - the Kitchen and Front Room

Moving on from the kids' rooms - to be honest I don't know in what order I will get this all done - we have the kitchen. It's a main hub in our house since right now the door we use opens right up into it. Right now it's a pale blue.
Here's my inspiration board and ideas for my kitchen!! YES! YELLOW!!!
 My Honey says that people coming over to our house will be attacked with an onslaught of color. Good. That's exactly what I like. I LOVE color. It makes me happy and up here, when it's cold and grey, color helps me.
 Our front room is currently a lovely (cough, gag, cough) beige. I don't like beige really.

 Instead, picture it GREEN!!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day - all the time! I'm sure he'll love it. It will be quite enjoyable, I'm sure.

Now, don't you just LOVE this chandelier??


  1. I LOVE the chandelier! Where ever did you find it?

    1. It was made by a company called Mobilet, but they are no longer selling it apparently. I bet we could make it!