Monday, January 16, 2012

Tale of Eureka

Today is a good day. I decided to post twice today. I want to tell you a little story.

 Once upon a time, there was a little woman. This little woman cooked and cleaned for her handsome, young husband who worked hard for their little family. Now this little woman had to use all sorts of tools to clean house, like the vacuum. The vacuum she used was bought second hand five years ago. It clogged often, it didn't adjust to the carpet type anymore and the latch had broken so it didn't stay up by itself. She used this vacuum to clean their modest home and made it work as best as she could. One day, they decided to buy a castle in the next town. This castle had fireplaces in every room!!! Oh the heat!!! So they loaded up their cart with their belongings and away they went. Now that they were in a new home, the little woman pleaded with her husband to buy her a new vacuum. Such a home deserves to be cleaned with a NEW vacuum. But, alas, he was to hear nothing of it. It would be too much money and they had other things to buy. "Besides", he had said, "This one works just fine." So the little woman sighed and dreamed of a vacuum that never lost suction.

 Once all of their things were unloaded, they had to travel back to their old home to clean it for the next tenants. The little woman had all of her tools, including the vacuum. Six hours they toiled and scrubbed to make the house sparkle more than it had when they moved in themselves! Finally, with sweat on their brow, they began loading their cart with the last bit of things they had used to clean. The strapping you husband took the vacuum and decided to use it to vacuum up some dirt that had spilled. The little woman thought nothing of it as they had just used it to clean the house when all of the sudden a curse erupts from the room where her dear husband was cleaning. He had broken the vacuum.

 The little woman was delighted as she knew they would HAVE to get a new vacuum and her husband reluctantly agreed. So, that next work day, the little woman and her handsome husband take a trip to the local market where they sold vacuums of every size and shape. So many different types that the little woman had a hard time choosing. Which to choose, she thought!? She asked her dear husband his opinion and he decided on this one.

 Throwing it into their wagon, they headed home and the little woman was able to clean her floors so they were worthy of her new castle home.

 The End

Thanks Honey, for breakin' the vacuum. Love forever. : P

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  1. Can he come over and break my vacuum next? Mine is currently being held together by duct tape....