Thursday, January 12, 2012

Garden of Boxes

Now, in the middle of winter, it seems the only things growing around here are boxes. Before we "moved" in, we seemed to have a pretty good handle on the junk. But now? I can't walk into a room without running into something made of cardboard. For example, the dining area.

But that's the way moving goes. Slowly....ever so slowly, it's coming along. Other fun things have happened too! Like Tevin getting home an hour later than normal because the bus driver forgot to stop for him. Nice. Poor kid was close to tears when he got off. I had called the school... hoping THEY knew where my kid was.

 Good news! My Honey was able to fix our dryer! It was originally set up for propane gas, so he got the parts and now it works for our Natural Gas! What a stud!!
So now, my clothes don't look like this!

I'll leave you with this awesome shot that Karate Kid and I did with my new camera my parents bought for me this Christmas!

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