Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Build or Not to Build!?

So I have this thing with shelves!! I can't seem to live without them everywhere. My honey feels that built in shelves are "old" and he likes a modern look. Which, frankly, isn't going to happen in THIS house. But I had an idea today and spent a whole hour drawing this out on the computer. Thank you SNOW DAY! So here's my idea.

 Here's how things currently look.

 The idea is to add floor to ceiling shelves. Cover the middle with glass inlaid doors and have cabinets on the bottom. Do you see it? The vision. I would do this on the whole wall, but I couldn't get a whole wall photo without running into the rats. So imagine the same thing mirrored on the other side of the door.

 I have two problems with this. The Smoke Alarm and the Thermostat. Would it look ok to leave them? Would YOU move them?

 Give me your opinion!

1 comment:

  1. I would build the shelves but make little "cubbies" for the smoke detector and thermostat unless they are super easy to move